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  • What is different about lifestyle documentary?

Lifestyle documentary is far more then a simple photo shoot. Actually, it is a self-discovery experience. Your life, your story, captured in such a way you've never seen or stopped to observe. All that is important in you life like. Your routine photographed in your own environment. It allows you to keep these memories to remember where you were, what you felt and how life was…

  • Is the shoot going to be in my house? My life is so normal, there's nothing too interesting going on…

You are going to be surprised! Usually we don't  see that indeed we do have a lifestyle of our own. It is easier to see it in others or in magazines, hardly we can observe our own story. We live in a hurry and almost never live in the present moment. Only after years or even decades we are able to see the importance of this present moment. We then miss the little things like the house we live in, the routine of our mornings, afternoons and nights, what we dressed like and relationships with those we love that for reasons we don't know yet, are no longer here with us. The lifestyle Documentary sessions ally incredible technique and artistic sensibility. I'll prove to you that your day to day life is way more special then you think. You will be inspired by your own self.

  • I've seen your work of other clients but I still don't think my story is worth to document. Not enough ecxiting things happening in my everyday life…

Past clients were also very surprised! At the delivery of the final product clients can see how precious it is to have registerd in photographs the subtle wonders in life, those impossible to describe in words.

  • What about those weird angles you use? I am very self coutious about my  appearance. Am I gonna look odd in the photographs?

One of the most asked questions is: Do you know Photoshop? Those looking at a final image can't see that was maybe not the image I started with. I work with Photoshop, along with other photo and video programs, and i am a perfectionist! That is the reason why all final photographs are natural and visually pleasant. They do not look fake or extremely edited. And so, please do not worry about that.

  • Are you going to suggest locations and times for the shoots? I understand lighting plays a big part in photos, right?

I will only say: Anything is possible! Locations are up to you to decide on as you know what places are your favorite to spend time at, that being morning, afternoon or night. You decide when and where to invite me to come into your routine. You will be oriented on what to expect but won't feel directed by me. This method give you liberty and freedom, and the truth will come out in every and each photo.

  • I want my images to look like this one particular family I saw on your website. Can we do that?

Every family has a special unique something. We can use the same theme, but it will be different in your own way.  Just like in the movies, even if the plot is the same, the story and end are unique. Having a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Cinema I can say that my artistic vision and techniques far suppress the photography world. From our first meeting til the final product is delivered we will be creating a visual script where you and your family will be the leads. Past clients get very emotional when given the final products. Feeling like they are unique and special in their own way as the audience of that film.

Take a chance.

You might just find that you like what you see.

Investments payments starting at $395

with best options including:

multiple sessions during a one year period,

online downloadable gallery,

short film showcasing your story as a documentary,

your choice of book size.


All prints are prepared on archival paper and mounted for preservation.

All prints are signed and dated.


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